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Imagine X specializes in Migraines, Concussions and Chronic Pain

MigrainesDr Adam has an extremely high success rate with getting rid of migraines in his patients, permanently! Many of his patients felt like they had tried everything to get rid of their migraine, with just temporary relief... Until now! There are a few different causes for migraines, which is why no "one thing" has fixed them in the past. Because of Dr Adam's specialized training in Functional Neurology, he can pinpoint the cause of YOUR migraine, and therefore fix it. Two different people can be having the exact same migraine symptoms, but have totally different causes, and therefore totally different treatments. Dr Adam is able to determine the cause of your migraines during his initial exam, and recommend a customized success plan. For more information about the causes of migraines and appropriate treatments, fill in the green box to the right and we will send a free migraine report to your inbox!

Concussions: If you get a concussion, first you go to the hospital to make sure there are no life-threatening injuries. Even if there are not, there is almost always some type of functional damage. This damage could present as balance issues, sensitivity to light, memory loss, and/or many other symptoms. Dr Adam will examine you to find out the cause of these functional issues, and create a treatment plan to correct them. Functional issues from a concussion are almost always reversible. Most patients report feeling even better than they did before! 

Chronic Pain: Do you have pain that you've had for years that nothing has seemed to help? That is Dr Adam's bread and butter! Because of his specialized training in neurology, he is able to determine what is causing the pain and why. Even if nothing else has worked before, he is usually able to get rid of the pain or significantly lessen it. Similar to migraines, no "one thing" fixes chronic pain. Even if you have already tried acupuncture, physical therapy, or even chiropractic, Dr Adam can get you the relief you have been looking for. Not every patient needs the same type of care. Because Dr Adam has several different types of treatments in his tool belt, he can truly customize care for you.

For information about treatment of another condition, feel free to call our office 805-962-1988. We are happy to help!

Imagine X: Dr Adam will also help you determine your "X" (your goal of treatment). Research shows that if you are focused on your goal, rather than just the current situation, you will have greater success in achieving it. Imagine X is dedicated to cutting-edge healthcare solutions to target your unique needs, whether you're suffering from a migraine, concussion, acute or chronic pain or any other neurological condition. Our integrative treatment options give you the ability to receive the truly customized care you have been looking for. If you are new to Functional Neurology and want to find out more, please contact us or click on our "About Functional Neurology" tab for more info.  We welcome referrals so feel free to share us with your friends and family.

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Dr. Harcourt
Meet Dr. Adam
Dr. Adam Harcourt is a board certified Functional Neurologist and 4th generation Chiropractor. 
He was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, where he also completed a certificate in the Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. After exploring several different types of healthcare, he kept coming back to the 'treat the problem not the symptom' outlook...
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I started seeing Dr. Adam for shoulder pain and migraines.  I have suffered from chronic shoulder pain for a few years, and after the first session, that pain was gone!!! It was amazing to be able to go out and play beach volleyball without hurting. Dr. Adam also gave me exercises to condition my brain to better handle stress and help eliminate the migraines. Since starting treatment, I have been migraine free! Both Dr Adam and Mallory are truly generous people and they want nothing more than to help people get healthy. What more could anyone ask for?                         - Jake K. / Santa Barbara, CA

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